Saint Clair

Neal and Judy Ibbotson were pioneers in the Marlborough wine industry, first planting vineyards in the valley in 1978 and then establishing Saint Clair Family Estate in 1994. They own 160 hectares of vineyard in ten different Marlborough locations chosen specifically for the attributes of their individual “terroir” and ability to produce top quality grapes. Neal Ibbotson combines his extensive expertise in viticulture with the talent of one of New Zealand’s leading winemaking teams. Since 1994, when wines from the first vintage all won medals including gold, the name Saint Clair has been synonymous with quality and its award-winning record continues today.

The grapes are sourced from the lower Wairau vineyards. Here the proximity to the sea means that the night temperature is cooler than the upper Wairau, promoting longer hang time and flavour development. The nutrient-rich silty soils here also promote concentrated flavours in the grapes.