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Banks 5 Island


Banks 5 Island takes its name from Sir Joseph Banks, the botanist and naturalist who sailed with Captain Cook, discovering weird and wonderful things across the Caribean. As such, this white rum is a blend from five distilleries, each aged between three and twelve years then filtered to remove the colour. The rums are from Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana, with the intriguing addition of some Batavia Arrack from Java.

As you’d expect, Banks 5 Island Blend is a pure, dry, flavorful white rum blend with unprecedented complexity, character and depth, making it best served over rocks. That said, it has many accolades for being the best rum to use in a daiquiri, mojito, or maitai.

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Given its awards and accolades in the cocktail categories, this rum is the perfect base for any rum cocktail. But due to its unique blends, it is recommended to drink it straight with ice.

94 Points, Excellent/Highly Recommended, Ultimate Spirits Challenge, March 2012
Best New Product, Spirited Awards, 2011
Chairman’s Trophy:
Best Rum in a Daiquiri 2010, 2011 & 2012
Best Rum in a Mojito 2011 & 2012
Best Rum in a Maitai 2012