Introducing The Zymurgorium Collection


We are very pleased to announce we have added the Zymurgorium range of Gins and Gin liqueurs to our collection, both online and in-store. To mark this occasion, we have slashed £5 off the RRP of all the flavoured liqueurs.

Zymurgorium is an artisan distillery in Manchester, who have managed to create a collection of amazing flavours in their gins. Inspired by a real fascination with all things natural, many of the ingredients are foraged locally or even grown especially for these gins. The founder, Aaron Darke, believes that the world’s variation and diversity of culinary experiences have waned. However, there is now a renaissance afoot, and he is ready to experiment.


But what is Zymurgorium? At heart, it is a Meadery, Brewery & Distillery, but is so much more than just that! The name comes from an amalgamation of the word Zymurgy and also Emporium; Zymurgy is the study of scientific brewing and an emporium is a shop that sells various items and trinkets. So, therefore, Zymurgorium sells various brews from scientific creations!

Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur

Most notably added to our collection is the Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur, which is made with real Parma Violet sweets. This gin liqueur tastes just like your childhood, yet maintains a strong gin presence. Many gin stores have been saying they have sold out of this much in demand gin, but we have just re-stocked and have even slashed the price to £25 for the month of March.

All the other Zymurgorium gin liqueurs prices have also been slashed. These include the Turkish Delight, Strawberry & Mint, Quince & Ginger, Pink Grapefruit, Extra Gooseberry and Rhubarb & Cranberry. We also have added the Marmalade Gin and Classic Original Manchester Gin.


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