Wimbledon – Strawberries & Cream Gin at the Ready

Strawberries and Cream

It’s that time of year again! Will Murray be fit enough to do it? Will Serena come smashing back from maternity leave? Will Sir Cliff have to sing?! We’re hoping for yes, yes and no!

When Wimbledon arrives our first thought may well be the tennis but our second has to be succulent British strawberries and thick indulgent cream. Here at Taste that can mean just one thing; Jacqson Strawberries & Cream Gin. Jacqson Strawberries & Cream Gin combines the soft texture of cream with the gorgeous lusciousness of strawberries. This gin is distilled in our native Yorkshire, in a cold vacuum which allows it to remain a pure, clear liquid. In a word, yummy!

And if the promise of the taste of Wimbledon isn’t enough, we’re sweetening the deal by knocking 10% off for the Wimbledon fortnight. Don’t forget to order your premium tonic as well. Jacqson Strawberries & Cream pairs perfectly with Fever-tree Elderflower Tonic. Simply pour over ice with a fresh strawberry. Game, set and match!

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