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Russian Vodka

As the world starts to turn it's attention to Russia and the World Cup, we thought it was about time to get some of our excellent vodkas on the website. So here are a few of our favourites.

For all that might be in the headlines at the moment about Russia, it has still been selected as the host for the 2018 World Cup. An event that attracts more viewers across the globe than any other sporting event – over 3 billion watched the last tournament in Brazil. With this in mind, will people turn to vodka to drown their sorrows and celebrate their victories? We hope so!

The Best Russian Vodka

We have selected not just the two best Russian vodkas (in our opinion), but two of the most value for money as well. At £27.95 the award-winning Stolichnaya Gold Edition has been filtered through shungite, a rare carbon found only in Northwest Russia. It is then filtered through coils of gold thread to amplify the depth, enhance the softness and harmonize the emerging vodka.

We then opted for Beluga Noble Russian Vodka, which has aristocratic origins and is regarded as the finest quality Russian vodka. Distilled and bottled in Siberia, so much attention is paid to the purity of this vodka, even the cork is made of ecologically clean materials.

Light Up Your Night

Having a World Cup party? Then you need the Belvedere Night Sabre! This 1.75 litres (Magnum Plus) bottle of the finest Belvedere vodka illuminates at the touch of a button. Just press the button on the underside base of the Belvedere bottle to switch on a dazzling white light that brings the drink to life and brightens up the whole party!

Belvedere Night Sabre

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