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Valentine's Gift Ideas

Love it or loathe it, Valentine's Day is almost upon us and expectations will be high! So why not steer well clear of the heart-covered tat and get a bottle of something you can both enjoy?

If you are struggling with Valentine’s gift ideas then look no further. We cover rum, gin, red wine and dessert wine in this handy guide to drinking with love!

Perfect Rum

Rum will warm the soul of your beloved whether you go for a light one for homemade cocktails or a dark spiced number to be enjoyed over ice. If we’re going light, why not try Banks 5 Island Blend. Banks Rum is a pure, dry, flavourful white rum blend with unprecedented complexity making it delightful served over rocks. That said, it has many accolades for being the best rum to use in a daiquiri, mojito, or maitai for the cocktail lover in your life.

For the dark mysterious types, we have a punchy spiced rum, endorsed by and featuring the face of the infamous “film” star himself, Ron de Jeremy Spiced. Let the sexy moustache take you on a very rum-py pumpy journey!

Gin Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Pink Gins offer a perfect tie-in to Valentine’s and we have a few available. One such gin is the Larios Rose Gin which has a wonderful hint of fresh strawberry and citrus flavour and a gorgeous pink hue. Romantically serve with ice, fresh strawberries and some good quality tonic (and music).

For a more unusual flavour, try the Slingsby Rhubarb Gin. Not as crazy as it sounds, this has become a firm favourite after originally being a limited edition small batch. Slingsby Rhubarb Gin goes very well with an elderflower tonic to elevate your humble G&T even further.

How about injecting the magic back into your relationship, with Sharish Blue Magic Gin? It is known as “blue magic” because once you add tonic to the gin it turns from blue to pink! The magic doesn’t stop there; as here at Taste we have an exclusive offer of free Lamb & Watt tonic with your bottle of Sharish Gin.

Have You Seen Our Red Wine Valentine’s Offer?

Red is the colour of love, passion and glorious wine! To sweeten the deal for valentines we have 20% off a selection of red wines. The Torreon Reserva and Torreon Reserva Privada collections are part of the Torreon de Parades wine house from Chile. Explore all the varieties to find the perfect fit for your better half to enjoy with you. Get the offer here.

Something Sweet for Valentine’s

Sweet treats are nothing new for Valentines’ but if you fancy going a little left-field, try a dessert wine. A delightful tipple after a decadent meal, who wouldn’t want an extra special dessert on Valentines Day? Here at Taste Fine Wines, we stock dessert wines from France, California and New Zealand, covering the dessert wine grapes of Sauternes, Muscat and Riesling.

We have many more valentines-worthy drinks and gifts online and in-store, so take a look and get some inspiration. To make your Valentine feel really special, contact us or come to the shop to have your gift wrapped and get some extras to show your love.

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