The World Cup Is Here

World Cup

It doesn't really matter who you are or what you're in to, The World Cup is big a deal. Over 3 billion have watched the last two World Cup finals, and this time it won't be any different as the top footballing Countries descend on Russia. At Taste we are football nuts, and believe it or not, we fancy England to do all right (OK, better than last time, which isn't hard). So we have compiled a profile of drinks you can enjoy from our main rivals.

England’s Group Rival

Let’s be optimistic here for once. England’s first two games are Tunisia and Panama, and we must get something from them. Assuming we do, on Thursday 28th June we have a massive game against Belgium. Sporting Premier League stars Hazard, de Bruyne & Lukaku, Belgium will be a familiar opponent to many of us, but their best export is without doubt Buss No. 509 Gin. Distilled by a craft spirit company in Antwerp, this collection of premium gins are naturally flavoured with fresh fruits and are delicious as an aperitif or digestifs. With a choice of raspberry, peach, and pink grapefruit they are also perfect for fruity cocktails or for enjoying over ice. We also have £5 off the retail price at the moment!

The Last 16

So when we get through, we have been paired with group H compromising of Columbia, Japan, Poland and Senegal. We will discount Senegal as we don’t have any products from there and being predominantly Muslim there isn’t much to choose from! On the football field, the best-ranked side in group H is Poland, who you may be surprised to hear is the 8th best team in the world according to FIFA rankings. So if we face Poland we need to enjoy some high-quality Polish vodka, and there is nothing better than the Belvedere Night Sabre! A magnum plus bottle of 100% additive free luxury vodka that lights up (the bottle that is, not the vodka!)

The next likely opponent is Columbia. Famous for many things, but to us, it is La Hechicera. La Hechicera Rum is matured between 12 and 21 years in white oak, creating a naturally ‘unpolished’ rum, which means it has not been results up with additives or sugar, its smoothness and flavour are the results of the noble wood it is aged in.

There is also a chance we could come up against Japan, whose gin exports are huge right now. Japanese gin is flavoursome and trendy, and none more so than Roku by Suntory. Created with six unique botanicals (Roku means six in Japanese), which are embossed onto the hexagonal bottle. This bold and eye-catching design matches the craftsmanship of the gin inside.

Best of the Rest

We couldn’t go through the world of booze without some honourable mentions could we? Remember Euro 2016 and the famous Icelandic chants – “oooo”? The only thing more famous in Iceland is Martin Millers gin. The most decorated gin in the world is made from real Icelandic spring water, and we love it.

Fancy some wine? From Argentina, we have the Dona Paula family, which includes some incredible Malbec reds, and from France, we have the Campuget wine family, with the excellent and very affordable 1753 range.

For a few more gins, why not explore Spain and the wonderfully refreshing Larios Rose? Or try something different with Monkey 47 made in Germany with cranberries to create a “Black Forest” flavoured gin.

We Wouldn’t Forget!

Of course we need to mention England and the host nation Russia. Just in time for the World Cup we added a range of specially selected vodkas, and our favourite Russian vodka has to be the Stolichnaya Gold Edition. Made from wheat and rye it evolves into an incredibly smooth vodka, which is then filtered through coils of gold thread.

So can England win it? We have seen some stiff competition here from the other nations, but our gins will take some beating. With local favourite like Gin Divine Raspberry, Slingsby Rhubarb and Whittakers Original, we are armed with strength across the field. We also have strength in the unusual, with flavours from Zymurgorium like Sweet Violet, Gooseberry and Marmalade.

Come On England!

It all kicks off this Thursday, with England taking to the field on Monday and we cannot wait. We hope you enjoyed our little run down, and if you want any quirky beers or spirits from World Cup Countries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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