A Focus on Strawberry Gin

Strawberries for Strawberry Gin

Fruity gins have added sweetness and colour to this most traditional of spirits, appealing to the masses so even Lidl stock them now. But in the quest for quality fruity gin, could strawberry gin be the motherlode for “mother’s ruin”? 

Fruit gins fall into a few categories; liquors, sloe and infused gins. Both liquors and sloe gins are lower in alcohol content and tend to be sweeter so they appeal the less purist gin drinkers but sip well in cocktails. Infused premium gins are made by combining the flavours into the distilling process, leading to a pure and balanced flavour – and it is these infused flavours we will consider with strawberry gin.

Strawberry Gin: Just another fruity gin or summery heaven?

Premium distilled strawberry gins are a delightful taste of summer and can be taken neat or with a splash of your tonic of choice.

A great example is the Larios Rose Premium Gin; it balances lushes strawberry with a touch of citrus to create a pearl of a Mediterranean gin. If however, you prefer your strawberries (and gin) home-grown, look no further than the Urban Root offering, which balances 9 botanicals with British strawberries for a glass of summery goodness. Our final strawberry offering comes from the ever-classy Mombasa Club with their Strawberry Edition – a quirky bottle and triple-distilled, it sits well on the shelf and the palate.

So as winter closes in, crack out a strawberry gin to bring back a delicious touch of summer.

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