Snow Day Gins

Snow Day Gin

With the nation pretty much shut down by The Beast From The East and Storm Emma, we thought we would put together a quick list of favourite wintery gins.

Martin Miller’s – Cool as Icelandic Springs

First up we have Martin Miller’s Gin, which is first distilled in England. It is then sent to Iceland for a second distillation with Iceland Spring Water. With the visions of Icebergs and exploding geysers, Martin Miller’s is perfect for getting in the mood for the cold!

Also available in Westbourne Strength at 45.2%.

Slow Gin in Front of the Fire

Sloe Gin has to be most popular in winter. Best enjoyed in front of an open fire, maybe with the odd melted marshmallow. We recommend Whittaker’s Clearly Sloe as a great introduction to the sloe berry.

It Feels Like Minus 33!

Classed as a juniper distilled spirit, Minus 33 is bottled at an optimum strength of 33% ABV. Designed to be enjoyed with plenty of ice, this is the ultimate cold day gin.

Warm up with Mediterranean Flavours

OK, enough of the cold! Think clear blue oceans, warm baking sunshine, and fresh citrus flavours in a glass with ice! Well, that is Larios Gin. Spain’s best selling gin comes in the original citrus based London Dry Gin as well as a special 12 Botanical version and the very popular Larios Rose.

We hope you can try some of these excellent gins, but before heading out, remember to be safe in the snow!

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