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Snow Queen


Originating in Kazakhstan, Snow Queen Vodka is one of the few Super Premium Vodkas in the world to be certified “organic”. Made from spring water drawn from the foot of the Himalayas and certified organic wheat, the vodka is five-times distilled. The state-of-the-art production methods and superior ingredients combine to guarantee the most premium and refined drinking experience.

The transformation process uses reverse-osmosed water to reduce the alcohol percentage to 40%. After this transformation, Snow Queen Vodka is passed through numerous high-quality filters, which help the raw vodka to become the familiar, smooth and luxurious vodka you know and love.

Who is the Snow Queen?

In a faraway land of snow-crowned mountains, crystal lakes and wind-blown fields of wheat, travellers hear whispers of the Snow Queen, the elusive protector of the realm. Entranced by stories of her magic, the bold and the curious have often ventured in search of her legendary palace of ice, but most have failed. A lucky few have glimpsed her beauty and seen her sorcery at work, returning to tell tales of elemental powers and delicate enchantments, and of the smoothest, softest and purest Vodka.

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Snow Queen Dirty Martini
Mix a large measure of Snow Queen Organic Vodka with 1 tablespoon Dry Vermouth and 2 tablespoons of olive brine. Garnish with organic green olives.

Double Gold award in San Francisco’s Wine & Spirits Competition