Belvedere Magnum Plus


Make your night shine with Belvedere!

Illuminated at the touch of a button, this innovative bottle design contains classic Belvedere Vodka. Just press the button on the underside base of the Belvedere bottle to switch on a dazzling white light that brings the drink to life and illuminates the bottle.

Previously only available in selected premium nightclubs, this light up magnum is now available at Taste.

Belvedere means “beautiful to see” and Belvedere’s bottle is beautifully designed; the magnifying effect of the Belvedere Presidential Palace with the snow trees surrounding it is an iconic masterpiece. The vodka inside is also a true expression of luxury vodka. 100% additive free and diluted with water from Belvedere’s own artesian well, this is a vodka that combines over 600 years of vodka producing expertise with an uncompromising commitment to quality and heritage.

A faint hint of vanilla along with some gentle cream characteristics on the nose. Then the palate is full and round with a medium-bodied weight and rich, velvety texture. Some vanilla swaying between sweet and savoury with a hint of white pepper and spice. To finish, a good length with notes of almond, clotted cream and some faint almond and Brazil nut characteristics.

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