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Ron de Jeremy Reserva


This is a serious rum indeed. Ron de Jeremy Reserva (endorsed by Ron Jeremy himself) is exceptionally well-balanced and smooth. Blended from super premium rums from Barbados, Trinidad, Jamaica and Guyana, hand-selected and aged up to 8 years in American oak barrels previously used for Bourbon.

Not overly sweet, but enough to give support to the intense waves of fruit and oak, the Ron de Jeremy taste is created by the legendary Master Blender Don Pancho Fernandez. With 50 years of experience in crafting the world’s best rums, he is one of the most respected Master Blenders alive.

Initial aromas reminiscent of an ageing cellar, with notes of charred oak, toasted nuts and fresh sugarcane. The rum delivers on the aromatic promise, with layers of sweet wood intertwined with brown sugar and butterscotch, all harmoniously balanced. The finish is long and smooth, simply perfect.

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A whole collection of cocktails can be made the Ron de Jeremy Reserva, such as the Hot Ron, Rona Libre, Ronacolada, Ronarita, Ronito, or the Ronquiri. Or simply enjoy Ron on the Rocks!

Add a litle spice to your cocktail by using the Ron de Jeremy Spiced Rum.

Spirits Business Magazine Rum Masters 2014: Gold Medal
International Rum Conference, Madrid 2013: Double Gold & Best in Category
The Fifty Best Best Aged Rum 2013: Silver Medal
International Rum Conference, Madrid 2012: Gold Medal
SIP Awards 2012: Gold Medal
Spirits Business Magazine Rum Masters 2012: Silver Medal

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