La Mauny Rubis


La Mauny Rubis is a blend of six rums aged from eight to thirty years, all matured in oak barrels, which gives this rum a colour deep and golden, enhanced by subtle glints of copper. It is full bodied, rich and rippling with tropical fruit, nutmeg and floral hints.

Produced in Martinique, a small island in the Caribbean, which uses Agricole rather than molasses to produce rum (or Rhum as it is known on this French island). Where molasses are a thick, black, syrupy by-product of sugar production, Agricole is made from freshly pressed cane juice. This means Agricole rum lacks the smoky, caramel-like aromas found in molasses-based rums. It is instead finer and slightly fruitier. For more information about rum production, see rum.

The taste perfectly matches this rum’s aroma, offering a bracing, rich, heady flavour. The potent, long finish expresses generosity and exuberance.

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To be savoured and enjoyed neat.