Diplomático Planas


Diplomatico Planas is the replacement for Diplomatico’s Blanco Reserva, with the only difference being a change in ABV to 46%. Aged for six years, the same as its predecessor, the result is a rich and chewy rum with notes of cappuccino and a nutty finish.

Diplomatico Planas is a rich and flavoursome white rum, with a pleasantly oily texture, well-balanced sweetness and an intriguing herbal note. A good sipper with enough character to make its presence known in cocktails.

The barley sugar from the nose leads on the palate, closely followed by candied citrus zest and sherbert lemons. Rich toffee notes come in behind that, contrasting with peppermint creams and grassy spice. To finish, short and sweet, with a burst of fluffy marshmallow quickly fading to soft spice and a hint of clove.

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