Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin

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From the inventive Manchester distillers, Zymurgorium, the most popular addition to their range is without a doubt this Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur.

Made with real Parma Violet sweets, this gin liqueur tastes just like your childhood, yet maintains a strong gin presence.

Distilled at 18.7%, it has been refined with over 20 other botanicals and infused with the essence of sweet violets to make an excellent gin and tonic or cocktail.

The liqueur is crafted from the distillery’s original Manchester Gin, distilled from mead and botanicals foraged or grown by Aaron Darke, the founder of Zymurgorium.

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Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin Liqueur manages to avoid the tendency of many gin liqueurs to create a syrup-like viscosity. The sweet violets create a beautiful flavour with a sweet pastel flavour and provide a strong violet aroma.

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Delicious simply served over ice, but it is also equally as good with lemonade. For something a bit different, it can be mixed with ice cream or used in baking.

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