Zymurgorium Rhubarb

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Zymurgorium Rhubarb is a Gin Liqueur from the inventive artisan Manchester distillers, Zymurgorium.

This version delivers true British flavours from locally sourced rhubarb and is inspired by the Star Wars franchise as it takes the bottling name of “Forced Darkside Rhubarb”! Rhubarb and cranberry join forces for a tangy, refreshing drink perfect in prosecco or tonic.

The gin is made with over 20 botanicals carefully foraged and selected to create a refreshing tart taste that is just perfect!

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Zymurgorium Gin Liqueurs are best served over ice with lemonade or in prosecco. But their vibrant flavours and colours also make them excellent for baking and poured over ice cream!