Zymurgorium Quince and Ginger

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Zymurgorium Quince and Ginger is a Gin Liqueur from the inventive artisan Manchester distillers, Zymurgorium. This version is a perfectly balanced blend of sweet quince (like a pear) and deliciously spicy ginger. These two great aromatic botanicals are thrown into one lush gin.

Quince, which is often thought to be the “forbidden fruit”, is pressed, steeped and stewed with fresh tangy Jamaican stem Ginger and distilled with the 20 botanicals of the Zymurgorium gin to create this excellent summer drink.

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Balancing refreshing fruitiness with sharp tangy spice.

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Zymurgorium Gin Liqueurs are best served over ice with Lemonade. But their vibrant flavours and colours also make them excellent for baking and poured over ice cream!