Stirling Gin


Stirling Gin is made with traditional ingredients as well as foraged botanicals such as nettles.

The gin is forged in a 450-litre copper still called Annie, where Nettle and Basil leaves are placed in the gin basket at the top of the still, whilst juniper, angelica, orange and lemon are placed directly into the pot. There is no maceration period, so the still is started up straight away and each run produces 370 bottles of Stirling Gin cut to 43% ABV.

Like many a good idea, this gin came about after a few drinks! Cameron and June McCann who run the local Stirling Whisky Shop noticed that at the inaugural Stirling Gin Festival there wasn’t a Gin from Stirling! The first batch was distilled in October 2015 and launched at the festival the following month to a great reception.

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Enjoy over ice with a couple of freshly torn basil leaves.