Sharish Gin + Free Tonic

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Free Lamb & Watt Tonic

To ensure you get the best flavour possible from your Sharish Gin experience we are including two bottles of Lamb & Watt Tonic (Original & Hibiscus) with every sale of Blue Magic. While stocks last.

First created in 2013, Sharish Gin is a new Portuguese Gin produced in the Alentejo by António Cuco. This gin is part of a recipe stuffed with Portuguese ingredients, from Apple Bravo to oranges and lemons from Alentejo, passing through fresh Lúcia-Lima, together with the traditional juniper and coriander seed, complemented with cinnamon, clove and a soft touch of vanilla. All these ingredients are distilled separately in a traditional Portuguese still and then submitted to a final blend.

It is known as “blue magic” because once you add tonic to the gin it turns from blue to pink! When mixed with Lamb & Watt Hibiscus Tonic Water you will create an almost fizzy pop-like drink that gives a classic gin and tonic a new level of drama and flavour.

See the amazing colour change on our Facebook here.

When Taste offered us some small sample bottles of Shairsh Gin we decided to test them on our staff who were amazed by the colour changing – so much so that they demanded we stock the gin so they can recreate the magic in front of customers. We are currently selling it with the Hibiscus tonic and it now has a great following on weekends.


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On the nose, there are raspberry and strawberry notes with a hint of ginger and coriander. To taste, Shairsh Gin is spicy at first but waves of citrus and juicy berries lead into a soft juniper finish.

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Carefully pour Sharish Gin over large ice cubes and then add Lamb & Watt Hibiscus (or Original) Tonic Water and watch and the vibrant blue magically turn pinks! Then add an orange twist to garnish.