Oh My Gin 45


Oh My Gin 45 was 16 months in the making. A Juniper enhanced gin moving through to gentle citrus back notes and smooth finish distilled at 45% volume, it is the ideal strength to complement a true premium London Dry Gin. With no sugar or artificial flavourings added after distillation, it is a pure natural grain spirit with a higher ratio of botanical per litre – which makes all the difference.

Oh My Gin 45 blends perfectly with all mixers and bitters while retaining the London Dry Gin taste.

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OhMyGin45 is an exceptional choice when making a classic Gin Martini, with only 2 ingredients there is no place to hide as you require a gin that brings plenty to the glass – so to speak. This will “slide down the gullet like the devil in velvet trousers”!