Marula Pomegranate Gin


Marula Pomegranate Gin is inspired by the phenomenon of drunken elephants in Africa! Made using the Marula, known as the forbidden fruit of the elephant tree, this gin is a sultry, soft and accessible gin with a soft pink appearance.

Marula Pomegranate Gin is remarkably sweet gin with scents of red fruits such as raspberry, wild strawberries and blackberries. It also includes some unusual, hand-picked botanicals such as coriander, lavender, orange blossom, and rose petals.

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Bursting with pomegranate and berries and a hint of citrus and lavender. There is an aroma of blackberries on the nose and a beautifully long and sweet finish with orange blossom.

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King Louie
Combine Marula Pomegranate Gin with a decent squeeze of fresh lemon juice in a tall cocktail glass and fill with big cubes of ice and ginger beer.