Kuro Gin


Kuro Gin is inspired by the Japanese Alps, capturing the essence of the Hakuba Valley and serving it to gin lovers around the world.

The goal of Kuro Gin is to bottle up the alpine experience and release it in the form of a premium gin. With the 12 carefully chosen botanicals, Kuro Gin achieves just that – most notably through the use of Silver Birch Bark, Spruce Needles and Bamboo Activated Charcoal.

The name Kuro, comes from the activated charcoal, translating directly as ‘black’ in Japanese.

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Bamboo, Silver Birch and Spruce gives KURO an intriguing alpine freshness. The result is an excellent classic London dry with an earthy, creamy mouth feel that builds an intriguing alpine-fresh twist on the end.

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The Uku
Rub basil leaves around the inside of a glass and discard. Combine Kuro Gin in an equal measure to fresh lemon juice, clementine juice and sugar syrup and shake with ice. Pour into the glass then float rose wine on top.