Crossbill Gin

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Crossbill Gin is created at the Inschriach Distillery and features a very simple botanical selection – 100% Scottish juniper berries and rosehip. These two bold and fresh Highland botanicals are hand-picked by a re-established a long-lost tradition of harvesting. This creates a distinct taste evocative of the ancient pine forests where juniper has grown for centuries.

Crossbill Highland Gin – Scottish Juniper

In the 18th century, Scotland’s fragrant juniper was exported to Holland to produce Jenever, the grandfather of gin. This tradition died out but Crossbill was captivated by the idea of reviving Scottish juniper harvesting to produce a new gin. Crossbill has now revived Scotland’s juniper production and is delighted to be able to produce the only gin to use 100% Scottish juniper.

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