British Polo Gin

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British Polo Gin is a smooth Gin with botanicals ranging from Elderflower to Vanilla to Cinnamon and Cardamom, this truly is a creative 100% organic gin.

It takes its name from the great British sport of polo, where Gin has been regarded the refreshment of choice for over 150 years. Handmade by artisans in a wood-fuelled small batch still and simply crafted with Ceredigion’s finest spring water, this gin is as pure as can be. Based on the polo player with the most creativity and verve, No.3; this gin is incredibly versatile.

Why is British Polo Gin so Good?

100% Organic – The “chemically” taste that is often found in mass-produced gins is avoided.
Quadruple Distilled – The gin is exceptionally smooth and does not have the sharp ‘smack’ that many gins on the market have.
Mixed with 100% Organic Natural Spring Water – At 98% proof, it has to be watered down to 42.7% abv. By using spring water from the land surrounding the distillery, British Polo Gin is building a unique flavour.
Sugar Beet – This gives the gin an exceptionally smooth, rounded and faintly sweet finish.
Small Batch – Bottled in batches of 150 allows for unique quality control in the distilling process.

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The blend of botanicals ranging from Elderflower to Vanilla to Citrus means that British Polo Gin does not have the ‘punch’ which is all too often present with many mainstream gins on the market. Interestingly, as well as appealing to gin-lovers, British Polo Gin has also been successful in converting ‘non-gin’ drinkers.

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This 100% organic gin is exceptionally smooth and as such can be enjoyed on the rocks. But we think it is best served in a Gin and Tonic when garnished with fresh basil leaves and thickly diced strawberries.