The Botanist


The Botanist Gin is a highly complex and floral, 22 of the 31 botanicals are native to Islay, giving a real taste of the island. This first and only Islay Dry Gin is a rare expression of the heart and soul of the remote Scottish island home usual famed for Whiskey.

The home of The Botanist Gin is at the edge of the ocean in the direct path of the Atlantic weather systems. Here they describe themselves as progressive Hebridean Distillers and the Botanist is the essence of their philosophy, art and pioneering spirit.

From the first, achingly-slow 17 hour distillation, the end product is a highly distinctive, complex, floral gin with an outstanding finish and impeccable provenance. We certainly believe so at Taste and think the Botanist gin stands out as artisanal, small-batch, and truly hand-crafted.

A breath of botanical Islay in every glass.

Tim suggested we add The Botanist Gin to our gin menu when we first opened the restaurant in 2016. 12 months later and it the only one of our original gins still on the menu. Our regular customers really enjoy it as the base of many a gin cocktail so we cannot get rid of it – it is our “go to” gin now.

Ben Franco at The Barn

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The taste is rich and mellow; cool on entry then as it reaches the back palate you can feel the warmth and absolute purity of slow unhurried distillation. This is a bewitching, delectable and luxurious gin; its citrus freshness excites and stimulates the taste buds allowing you to experience a star-burst of flavours as they explode across the palate – By Jim McEwan

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The classic way, with tonic, a lime wedge and plenty of ice cubes.