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Boe Superior Gin


Boe Gin is named after and inspired by Franz de la Boe, who first created Gin back in 1658. Cut exactly to 41.5% abv with crystal clear water from the tranquil glens of ancient Scotland, Boe Superior Gin is a classic London gin made with a careful combination of 13 botanicals.

The key to the excellent flavour of Boe Superior Gin is in the selection and preparation of its botanicals. A perfect balance between herbs, spices and juniper berries are at the heart of the gin distillation. There are also the aromatic Coriander and Angelica, Ginger, Orris Root and Cassia Bark.

And the taste? Clean, spiced and strikingly refreshing with warmth and flavour.

An excellent quality Scottish Gin (we seem to really love these at the moment) that we are serving with Fever Tree Premium Tonic water and fresh orange peel in our specialist gin bar. We tend not to but much “drama” into the serve for Boe Gin presenting it with the tonic for the customer to pour in as they desire due to the strong flavours of Boe Gin. These can be quickly watered down and lost so we recommend adding little amounts at a time and enjoying the flavour.

Harveys Bar & Kitchen

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Silver in World Gin Awards 2014

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