Bakewell Gin – Cherry & Almond


Bakewell Gin is made in small batches using only five base botanicals; juniper, cubeb pepper, sweet gale, cardamom and hibiscus flowers. Cherry and almond are then added to give it that amazing Bakewell flavour, just like the popular tart!

A very simple gin, but it packs strong flavour and character. The hibiscus flowers are what give Bakewell Gin a pink hue, as well as a slight tartness. The addition of the cherry and almond give such an authentic flavour, which is unusual in flavoured gins.

Bakewell Gin also makes a terrific dessert gin, and it wouldn’t be overkill to serve with actual Bakewell tarts!

A spicy and floral opening keep things interesting before the almonds and cherry jam come through.

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The suggested serve is with your favourite tonic water and a slice of lime, but it also works well with lemonade and a Maraschino cherry for a really sweet treat!