5th Air Gin

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5th Air Gin (Black) is a twice-distilled pure London Dry Gin based on a neutral grain spirit. 5th Air Gin’s character is dry and balanced and is the perfect choice for anyone who searches for a premium neutral yet versatile gin.

Black Air is produced in the Sorel Destil Leries del Maresme that exists since 1875. It is situated on the picturesque north-west coast of Spain, right next to Barcelona.

Most of the 5th Gin range is coloured – Fire is pink, Earth has a yellow hue and Water is bright blue! Air, has been left as a clear spirit but is presented in a dark glass bottle. Air is also the base from which the others are made (with different infusions).

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Transparent with a silver trim, a subtle scent of juniper, soft and neutral flavour with a hint of sourness.

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Serve 5th Air Gin in a balloon glass and complete with a neutral tonic and plenty of ice. Garnish with finely chopped lime peel and a couple of juniper berries.