Godet Folle Blanche Cognac


“Folle Blanche” roughly translates to “Mad White”, which is the name given to the original cognac grape variety which was planted at the beginning of the sixteenth century in La Rochelle, Charente. Godet Folle Blanche Cognac embodies the routes of Cognac Brandy and this “Epicure” is the blend of several Folle Blanche vintages.

When Folle Blanche wines were first distilled they were known by the Dutch word “Brandwijn”, later on becoming Brandy. Since 1980, the Godet family have devoted themselves to the replanting of this ancestral grape, which produces the finest and most fragrant of Eaux de Vies. This is indeed a rare grape for a very rare Cognac.

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The Folle Blanche is the original grape variety of Cognac, and it’s organoleptic qualities are a very floral nose and a great smoothness in the mouth with a fruity taste. This cognac has no acidity.

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