Champagne and Prosecco Now at Taste

Pol Roger Brut Reserve Champagne

Just in time for Christmas and the season of celebrations, parties and gatherings we have added Sparkling Wine and Fizz to our online collection.

Who doesn’t like Champagne? Even if you’re not really a fan of wine or even drinking alcohol full stop, chances are you still enjoy a glass of Champagne when a celebration calls for it.

Pol Roger Champagne

The range we have decided to list online is a small selection of high-quality premium Champagnes from Pol Roger. First sold in January 1849, Pol Roger began to favour production of brut Champagne – the type of Champagne which the English prefer. By 1899, when its founder died, the brand had acquired enviable recognition and was being served in the best restaurants in Paris and London.

After the second world war, the company began to grow, with both physical size and popularity. Most notably they gained a lifelong fan in Winston Churchill, who declared the Pol Roger vineyard as “the most delightful address in the world”.

Today, over 150 years since the first bottle was enjoyed, Pol Roger is one of the most recognisable Champagnes. Unlike some of the other big Champagnes houses it is not too “upmarket” nor will you find it in the local supermarket. So we have added three varieties from the collection; Brut Reserve, 2008 Brut Vintage, and the Winston Churchill.

Find out more at Pol Roger.

Don’t Forget Prosecco!

Prosecco is Champagnes’ younger cousin, who is less expensive but just as delicious and fitting for celebrations. Prosecco is often semi-sparkling, or “frizzante”, which makes it easier to drink and longer lasting. This is why it is great for mixing into cocktails and opening on an evening at home.

Fili Prosecco Millesimato

We have added the Extra Dry Brut, Millesimato DOC and Sparkling Pinot Grigio Rose from the Fili range by Sacchetto, a wine house based in the Prosecco region of Veneto. Find out more about Fili Prosecco at the Sacchetto website.

Now all you need to do is find an excuse to “pop a cork”.

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