Rum-tastic! The Next Big Thing for 2018

Mount Gay Rum

On a cold winters night, there is nothing more warming to the soul than a good rum. The Caribbean goodness of this classic spirit can dispel even the most stubborn winter blues! So with rum (dark rum particularly) expected to see a rise in popularity in 2018 we take a quick look at this varied spirit.

So what’s so good about rum?

The first distillation of rum took place in the 17th century on the sugarcane plantations of the Caribbean. It was found that Molasses, a by-product of the sugar refining process, could be transformed into yummy alcohol by a process of fermentation and distillation. The distillate, a clear liquid, is then aged in oak barrels, which add to the warm flavour. Different barrels give different nuances to the rum; from whisky and bourbon to sherry, the history of the barrel is of high importance to flavour. Although rum is made in various countries around the world, the vast majority of the “good stuff” comes from the Caribbean and Latin America.

From light to dark

On our website, you can find light, golden, spiced and dark rums. Some aged to 12 years and some named after an aged “adult” star (see the Ron de Jeremy range!); a wide range to suit every taste and budget.

Light or white rum is clear and usually has a milder flavour and lighter body than dark rum. This makes white rum perfect for cocktails, like the ever popular Mojito and the recently revived Daiquiri. An ideal one to try is the award-winning Pampero Blanco; a delicious creamy white rum from the popular Venezuelan producer Pampero. By law, Venezuelan rum must be aged for a minimum of two years, meaning this is smoother and more characterful than standard white rums. Another award-winner, Banks 5 Island, takes its name from Sir Joseph Banks, who sailed with Captain Cook, discovering weird and wonderful things across the Caribbean. As such, this white rum is a blend from five distilleries, each aged between three and twelve years then filtered to remove the colour; it is a bit of something special!

Kraken Attack

Dark rum is where the natural darkness (and sweetness) of the molasses really takes hold and the importance of the barrel is paramount. The Bumbu Small Batch Rum is an authentic revival of a piece of Caribbean history, distilled in small batches and blended by hand. A stunning bottle and still based on original 16th and 17th-century recipes used by West Indian sailors, using spices and fruits native to the Caribbean along with sugar cane from the islands. A dark spiced rum that is strong, black and smooth as well as bottled beautifully is the Kraken Rum, which has recently had a high profile marketing campaign. Named after the legendary sea monster, Kraken Rum is a blend of Caribbean rums that should certainly suit any fans of rich, navy-style rum. Dark Matter is another Taste favourite, which actually hails from Scotland; a far cry for the Caribbean! Fear not though, Dark Matter still brings the tropical warmth with full-bodied notes of long pepper, fresh ginger, green peppercorns and allspice.

A Taste of Dark Rum; a new trend for 2018

The best ways to take your dark rum are often the simplest. “Dark ‘n Stormy” is simply ginger beer and lime, which would make just about anything taste good, and seem especially well suited to sweet-and-spicy dark rum, like Kraken. A “Cuba Libre” is the most basic and obvious of all… rum and coke with a wedge of lime! Although it seems boring, it allows the distinctive flavours of a premium dark rum to shine through in a taste sensation, ideal for Dark Matter. For the most developed and aged dark rums, the best way is with ice and a splash of water and for those with a sweet tooth, a little sugar to stir in to taste. This allows the very special rums, like Bumbu, to shine through.

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