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A Focus on Strawberry Gin

15th November, 2017 by

Fruity gins have added sweetness and colour to this most traditional of spirits, appealing to the masses so even Lidl stock them now. But in the quest for quality fruity gin, could strawberry gin be the motherlode for “mother’s ruin”? 

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Champagne and Prosecco Now at Taste

25th October, 2017 by

Just in time for Christmas and the season of celebrations, parties and gatherings we have added Sparkling Wine and Fizz to our online collection.

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New Gins: Mombasa Club and Buss No 509

18th October, 2017 by

This month we have added three gins from the Mombasa Gin Club, and three flavoured varieties from the Belgian Buss No.509 gin range.

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New Wines at Taste Including Malbec Wine

5th October, 2017 by

We have added two new collections of wine including some excellent Malbec Wine. Featuring the Dona Paula Estate collection and Valdemoro, here are the latest top wines at Taste Fine Wines.

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Dessert Wines Now Available

29th September, 2017 by

We are excited to reveal six new dessert wines from the Muscat, Sauternes and Riesling varieties are available to buy online. Ranging from New Zealand, France and California, these sweet wines are perfect if you’re already thinking of Christmas!

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The Best of September Gins

21st September, 2017 by

These are the most popular gins in our shop right now, so here they are for everyone to enjoy! All of them are flying off the shelves and we personally love them all!

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Pinot Noir Day – August 18th

18th August, 2017 by

As if you didn’t already it, here is an excuse to try some new wine! August the 18th is Pinot Noir Day and we have two excellent options to choose from.

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New Gins at Taste Fine Wines

14th August, 2017 by

You have asked and we have listened! Here are some new gins that customers have asked for over the last few weeks, plus some that are going really well in our Huddersfield shop.

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National Rum Day – August 16th

7th August, 2017 by

August the 16th is National Rum Day, a day dedicated to the spirit from the tropical Caribbean Islands. Whether enjoyed on the rocks, or in a passionfruit daiquiri, rum is a versatile and popular drink, so take a moment to be properly introduced.

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Introducing Torreón de Parades – Our Latest Wine House

16th July, 2017 by

We are really pleased to add three collections from the Torreón de Parades wine house. We have five wines from the Valle de Rengo range, seven Reserva’s and five from the premium Reserva Privada collection.

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