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New Taste Gins

You have asked and we have listened! Here are some new gins that customers have asked for over the last few weeks, plus some that are going really well in our Huddersfield shop.

Jacqson Gin

Distilled just up the road from us in Netherton, this Huddersfield Gin is made by a mother and son team. It features locally grown rhubarb and liquorice combined with other specially selected botanicals.

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Tinto Premium Red Gin

A Portuguese gin distilled with Perico fruits, a pear-like fruit with a sweet-and-sour tang, that gives this gin a lovely red colour.

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Silent Pool Gin

A gin from Surrey that contains 24 botanicals including local honey and juniper berries as well as water from Silent Pool’s own spring.

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Elephant Gin

A multi-award winning gin based on an African cocktail drunk at sundown, but created in Germany with typical German precision. It includes rare African ingredients that haven’t been used in gin-making before and has been awarded double-gold and spirit of the year at the 2016 World Spirit Awards

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Masons Gin

Another Yorkshire gin that is flying off the shelves in our shop as well as in some of the bars we supply. We have the Original Masons, Lavender Edition and Yorkshire Tea Edition. All available in 20cl or 70cl bottles.

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