New Gins: Mombasa Club and Buss No 509

Mombasa Gin Club

This month we have added three gins from the Mombasa Gin Club, and three flavoured varieties from the Belgian Buss No.509 gin range.

As usual at Taste, if a gin in selling well in our shop or through the restaurants we supply. Or if people start enquiring about it, we get it online as quick as possible. So this month we have added six new gins from two exciting distillers.

Mombasa Gin Club

The Mombasa Gin Club originates from the mythical private social club founded in 1885 by British officials. It was exclusively for Englishmen who worked for the Imperial East Africa Company in the coastal Kenyan city of Mombasa. We have just added the original recipe London Dry Gin, the Strawberry Edition and the quadruple-distilled small batch Colonel’s Edition.

Buss N°509

Buss is a distillery in Antwerp, Belgium. They make craft spirits and in particular gin. Each of the three gins we have added has been delicately infused with the finest fruits making them excellent as an aperitif or digestif. Pick your favourite from Pink Grapefruit, Persian Peach or Raspberry – or why not try all three?

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