New Gins – March Update

Oh My Gin 45

We have been busy adding some new gins to our shop and here are a selection of some of the best and most interesting.

Oh My Gin 45

A Juniper enhanced gin moving through to gentle citrus back notes and smooth finish distilled at 45% volume, it is the ideal strength to complement a true premium London Dry Gin. With no sugar or artificial flavourings added after distillation, it is a pure natural grain spirit with a higher ratio of botanical per litre – which makes all the difference.

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5th Air Black

A twice-distilled pure London Dry Gin based on a neutral grain spirit, 5th Air Gin’s character is dry and balanced and is the perfect choice for anyone who searches for a premium neutral yet versatile gin.

5th Air Gin

Black Air is produced in the Sorel Destil Leries del Maresme that exists since 1875. It is situated on the picturesque north-west coast of Spain, right next to Barcelona.

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Alkkemist Gin

Alkkemist Gin is the first that uses the muscatel grape in its preparation. Selected from the best strains and added at the end of the process to provide an exclusive aroma. This is one of a formidable selection of 21 carefully chosen botanicals. Alkkemist Gin acquires a unique personality from the influences of the full moon. It is distilled when the moon is greatest, 12 times a year, using a strict methodology to produce an Ultra Premium quality gin.

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Black Tomato Gin

Black Tomato Gin is made using real black tomatoes showing off a fascinating balance between sweet and savoury flavours. With a few drops of seawater added and the high amount of anthocyanin in black tomatoes, this gin has great health properties.

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