National Rum Day – August 16th

Rum based cocktails - National Rum Day

August the 16th is National Rum Day, a day dedicated to the spirit from the tropical Caribbean Islands. Whether enjoyed on the rocks, or in a passionfruit daiquiri, rum is a versatile and popular drink, so take a moment to be properly introduced.

National Rum Day was added to the calendar to show appreciation for the spirit also known as Kill Devil, Grog, Rhum, and Nelson’s Blood. Produced out of the sugar refining process and adopted by the British Navy, it spread throughout the empire in the 17th century, growing in popularity due to its strength, flavour and low production cost. It is now available in white, golden, spiced and dark varieties and forms the basis of many cocktails.

Cocktail Rum

Often distilled and aged in oak bourbon casks, rum takes on a golden amber colour, but it can also be filtered to create the clear white rum most commonly associated with Barcardi. These rums (white or golden) are often the basis of cocktails, many of which you may not even know are rum based. Pina Colada, Daiquiri, Mojito, Mai Tai, Manhattan, Zombie & Long Island Ice Tea are all rum based cocktails served all around the world daily. La Mauny Blanc is a great white rum perfect for a Mojito, and Mount Gay Black Barrel is ideal for a Manhattan.

Something Spicy

A real popular trend in bars at the moment is spiced rum, traditionally served with cola, lots of ice, and a wedge or two of lime. This is golden rum with spices such as cinnamon, rosemary, pepper, or caramel, added during the distillation process. We have some excellent spiced rums to try; Dark Matter, The Kraken or Ron de Jeremy Spiced (yes, named after the “actor”) are all great choices.

For The Slow Smooth Sip

It’s not all cocktails and spice though. Just like with fine wines and speciality whiskeys, rum can be aged and blended to perfection. Some of the rums used in La Mauny Rubis have been aged for 30 years, and Mount Gay 1703 only produces 12,000 bottles a year.

Celebrate National Rum Day

The best way to celebrate National Rum Day is to make a rum cocktail for you and some friends. For a few cocktail tips browse the rums on our website to find their perfect serve, or visit The Spruce for some cocktail ideas.

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