How To Start A Gin Collection

Gin Collection

A few years back a gin collection consisted of Gordon’s (every day) and Bombay Sapphire (fancy). Now though, the gin market has been flooded with so many gins that an at-home gin collection can (and should) be a lot more diverse, interesting and sumptuous. But where to start?! This is our Taste guide to a successful gin collection.

A Premium

Strong, dry and timeless is what we look for in a premium gin. It’s a great opener to a collection as it is the component of a classic G&T. This doesn’t mean it’s a boring gin, far from it! The nature of gin is so diverse with the wide range of botanicals that are used, so different premium gins vary in taste to a great degree.

We enjoy British Polo Gin as a solid premium gin. It’s 100% organic and quadruple distilled; both of which give it a smooth, clean flavour. At 42.7% it packs a punch but the gentle vanilla to citrus notes make it a very easy drinker.

Another favourite in our Gin Shop is the multi-award-winning Citadelle Reserve Gin. A French gin made of 19 botanicals from around the world, which is distilled then casked in cognac barrels for a smooth hint of warmth. Great served with a variety of fruit peels to lift your humble gin and tonic.

The first wave of gin popularity was back in prohibition America and Junipero Gin harks back to this time. The distillery it comes from was the first post-prohibition distillery and the current Junipero Gin has been in production for 20 years. It’s a strong one so go easy with this!

A Flavour or Two

Flavoured gins gin collection a bit of depth. They’re also a great addition to cocktails and for converting those who don’t think they like gin. This is because they often have a sweeter and less dry taste.

Gin and lemon have long been friends and Malfy con Limone Gin brings this delightful combo into perfect balance. Harking from Italy’s Amalfi Coast, this gin uses the sweetest local lemons to deliver a fresh and light gin. Stylishly bottled like only the Italians can, this is subtle fruit for your collection and will become a firm favourite. We have also recently added the Malfy con Arancia, which is infused with Sicilian Blood Orange peel.

Malfy Bottles

Gin Divine Raspberry is one of our best selling gins. Distilled by a local producer, it uses the heavenly Divine gin as a base and is made with fresh raspberries and has no added sugar to enable the raw flavours to be magnified.

An Old Tom

For a more advanced gin collection, you might want to add an Old Tom. It’s an 18th-century ye olde English recipe which is sweetened with honey and sugar so is less dry than a standard gin. Craft distilleries have brought it bang up to date and current reigning “Best Gin in the World” is an Old Tom variety; Herno. Herno Old Tom is a delightful gin from Sweden and is perfect just over ice. It certainly delivers on strength too at 43% proof.

Hayman’s Old Tom is another one, which could be suitable for more modest budgets. It’s a beautiful gin and perfect for a Tom Collins cocktail. Simply add freshly squeezed lemon juice and soda to taste, foolproof!

A Quirky

A gin collection isn’t complete unless you have a quirky gin with a great story behind it. Whether it’s something in the name or a yarn about the distillery or maybe the botanicals are from God’s own garden! Gin with a story that also tastes the business is a winner.

Boe Violet Gin is Boe Superior Scottish Gin which is then infused with violets to give a distinctive flavour and colour. It looks as beautiful as it tastes and will certainly give visual variety to your gin collection.

Jinzu Gin brings English and Japanese traditions together to create an exciting, intriguing spirit. Made with a blend of English Gin and Sake, and with botanicals as diverse as cherry blossom and Japanese yuzu, this is a quirky gin for all the right reasons.

With a few drops of seawater added, Black Tomato Gin actually has great health properties. These high levels of anthocyanin that occur in black tomatoes are believed to help with diabetes, cancer and obesity – something you try and sell to your guests!

Tonics and Garnish

Don’t forget the tonics. If 3/4 of your drink is tonic, it needs to be quality and complimentary. Don’t ruin an amazing gin with a cheap bottle of tonic that’s been open for a week and is flat as a fart! Buying tonics in individual serves maintains the quality and the lovely effervescent bubbles that make your gin sing. We have a large collection of tonics available on our website.

For your garnish, there is more to a gin that a slice of lemon or wedge of lime. We have seen sprigs of thyme, chunks of watermelon and even dragonfruit served with gins! Our advice is to check our product pages for the perfect serve, or simply go to your local fruit seller and get whatever looks good!

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