Happy Yorkshire Day

Yorkshire Rose

Have a gin-tastic Yorkshire Day! To celebrate our fine County on Wednesday 1st August we have gathered together a collection of the best Yorkshire gins! Read on and enjoy.

York Gin – The New Gin in Town

Added to our collection just in time for Yorkshire Day is York Gin, an award-winning gin a hand-made in the historic city of York using traditional methods. This classic dry gin in distilled in a beautiful copper still named Ebor, after the Roman name for York, Eboracum. It includes black pepper, cardamom and grains of paradise, as well as a combination of classic botanicals including angelica and orris root.

Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin?

Based in Harrogate, Slingsby are incredibly proud of their Yorkshire roots, using Harrogate natural spring water from the Tewit Well since 1571. The picturesque Yorkshire town is famous as a place to relax, indulge and socialise, and their gin tries to embody this spirit.

The perfectly Yorkshire Rhubarb Gin was originally created as a small one-off product but has become so popular that it is now a permanent feature. It is best served with premium elderflower tonic over ice with raspberries to garnish.

Slingsby Gin Range

Distilled by Jezebel!

The Whittaker’s distillery is an old agricultural building on the family farm in Nidderdale. It houses their home-made stills, which are called Jezebel and Jezebel 2. In their range, they have four excellent Yorkshire Gins; the Original, Pink Particular, Navy Strength (our favourite), and Clearly Sloe. The distillery has gone on to win numerous awards and even distils gins for others, such as Greystone Gin from Harewood House – another Yorkshire Gin.

Just Up The Road

A very local gin to us is Jacqson Gin. It is produced by a mother and son duo and features locally grown rhubarb and liquorice combined with other specially selected botanicals. We think the flavour is stunning and unique.

Gin Divine is produced 10 minutes from our shop in Holmfirth, famous for Last of The Summer Wine – the epitome of Yorkshire life! The base gin is created around a crisp, dry and zesty flavour making it a premium and flavoursome gin. Divine has expanded by adding a vibrant and all natural Raspberry Gin to the core collection.

Gin Divine Online at Taste

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