Happy St. Andrew’s Day – A Look at Scottish Gin

Scotland - It's View and Scottish Gin

Och aye the noo! Happy St. Andrew’s Day! When people think of Scotland they think of Haggis, Whisky and Nessy - but we think of gin (as well). And it's not just Hendricks, there are many fantastic gins from Scotland - there’s even a heather flavoured one for a true highland taste.

Did ye ken that we have over 25 varieties of Scottish gin available online? Most people think of gin as being traditionally English, but there is a huge increase in production for Scottish Gin, as many whisky distilleries are jumping on the trend.

The Best of Our Scottish Gin

Described as “Probably Scotland’s Smallest Distillery”, the Strathearn Distillery is one such distillery that has added Gin to its Whisky production. Amongst the collection, is Oaked Highland Gin where whisky meets gin – a smooth oaky gin with juniper notes. They also produce a Scottish heather flavoured gin and a citrus infused variety.

We can also highly recommend Boe Gin, which is currently taking some of the restaurants and bars we supply by storm thanks to it’s clean, spiced and strikingly refreshing warmth and flavour. We are also big fans (and so is everyone else it seems) of The Botanist, the only gin made on the island of Islay.

Now for a proper Scottish Gin, Rock Rose. All its botanicals are locally foraged making each vintage different from the next.

Head over to our gin section now and filter them by Scottish origin.

Let’s Not Forget Whisky

Did ye ken that here at Taste we have over 100 malt whiskies in the shop? Our range goes well beyond the standard whisky you find in supermarkets. So if you need a wee dram to warm you up, call into the shop or contact us directly.

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