9th April is Gin and Tonic Day

Gin and Tonic

The rise of gin is now well documented and has mostly been down to our love of the famous gin and tonic. So much so that it is being celebrated with its own Day - in the USA at least! So we have added tonics to our website so you can complete the perfect Gin and Tonic!

The humble Gin and Tonic is no longer a plain gin with a plain tonic. Gone are the days of having just 2 choices of slim and standard, as tonic produces are on board with the gin flavour takeover!

With all the flavoured gins we now have available, and the flavoured tonics, the combinations that can be used has vastly multiplied.

So happy G&T Day and here are a few suggestions that you may not have tried before!

Sharish & Hibicus Tonic

At Taste we stock a range from Lamb & Watt which includes hibiscus tonic, a firm favourite with our customers. To recreate at home, carefully pour Sharish Gin over large ice cubes and then add Lamb & Watt Hibiscus Tonic Water and watch as the vibrant blue magically turn pinks! Then add an orange twist to garnish.

Basil & Strawberry

Lamb & Watt also produce a Basil Tonic which goes amazingly well with any Strawberry Gin. Why not try it with The Mombasa Club Strawberry Edition? It is triple-distilled for delicate smoothness and infused with fresh strawberries and other red fruits. Simply pour over ice, add the Basil Tonic and half a fresh strawberry, it could even be summer!

The Classic

Schweppes is traditionally seen as boring and basic – it is the step up from supermarket tonic to make a Gordans more interesting! Well, they have recently launched their 1783 Crisp Tonic, which trust us, is no normal Schweppes. It has been made with consultation from top mixologists to ensure it is perfect for premium gins. So far we have tried it with British Polo Gin, Elephant Gin, Aviation Gin and Tanqueray No 10 to name a few.

Find Your Perfect Combination

Our online range of gin is extensive so have a good look around. You can sort by flavour or country of origin to find something to fit your preference or something you’ve never tried before. You’ll also find information about your gin and a suggestion of how to serve it.

We’re a helpful sort at Taste, so if you do need any advice or information, just get in touch.

Happy G&T Day to all!

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