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Fords of Wakefield

We are proud to now be a stockist of the full range of gins from Fords of Wakefield. The range is headed by the organic original 43% ABV London Dry Gin and is complemented by a collection of vibrant flavours all naturally produced.

Like most of the good things in life, the spark to give life to Fords of Wakefield Organic Gin was born from a woman, with a little help from a man! The duo of Victoria and Gary have wrestled for over a year with the seemingly endless bureaucracy dreamt up by the Government, whilst at the same time learning the centuries-old art of making gin. They had long dreamt of abandoning their day jobs to create the perfect Yorkshire tipple, but the challenges that lay ahead of them seemed insurmountable. Finally though, in January 2019, they released their first gin, quickly followed by some more flavoured varieties.

They continue to work hard to stick to their core values of making the best gin they can, with each bottle made with care and love in small batches using only natural ingredients.

Fords of Wakefield Gin

The flavoured gins in the range are on the one hand nothing new, rhubarb and ginger have been seen before as has cherry blossom, but these gins are 100% organic and natural. The powerful flavours come from real fruits and botanicals, meaning you just need to mix with your favourite premium tonic (we recommend Fever Tree) to get all the flavour and freshness you could desire.

Then, on the other hand, there is the Sherbert Lemon flavour! Drinking the Sherbert Lemon gin is akin to eating your favourite childhood sweets whilst walking through a lemon grove. It is born from a base of our dry gin recipe tailored specifically to enhance the zesty yet sweet flavour profile.

The Secret of a great Gin

The truth is there is no secret, just hard work dedication and passion. That being said there are certain things the Fords do that make their Gin amazing.

First, they steep the core botanicals of juniper and coriander seed for a day to soften their tough outer skins before slowly heating them in the organic neutral grain spirit. The botanical oils are then carried in the vapour through the infusion basket that contains the more delicate botanicals. The vapour is condensed and collected at a sedate pace to allow the different flavour compounds to be isolated; this allows the portions of the run that are not considered pure enough to make the final product to be discarded.

If that wasn’t enough they only use the “one-shot” method, never do they dilute the gin with more plain spirit that hasn’t been distilled. This creates the purest gin that can be produced and is the envy of mainstream producers who could not hope to use this method due to the labour intensive processes and costs involved.

This is what the Fords do! They create an amazing gin for you to drink regardless of the time and effort it takes, using only the finest organic and natural ingredients.

Now go ahead and try the range!

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