Father’s Day – What Dad Really Wants

Fathers Day

We’re all dads here at Taste and so we thought we’d share a few of our favourite products that we would most like to receive for Father's Day. Please note, nowhere in this article will you see Old Spice or slippers!

Gin For Father’s Day

We all love gin here so a special bottle would be an ideal gift for any of us. A bit of nostalgia goes a long way on Fathers Day and retro sweets are something we also all enjoy. The Parma Violet Gin by Zymurgorium is perfect for that, it genuinely tastes exactly like the sweets. If, like me, your Dad is a fan of action movies, impress him with Aviation Gin which is owned by Hollywood star Ryan Reynolds of Deadpool fame. Not just a gimmick though, Aviation is a top-quality gin and looks the part too. Most Dads love a bit of a joke so we can factor that into your perfect gift too with Deaths Door Gin to poke some fun at the old fella! Explore our Gin Shop online and pick out the perfect tonic as well so Dad won’t be disappointed this Father’s Day.

Father’s Day Wine – Go For Red

Moving on from our beloved gin, we are also big fans of red wine. It’s classy, mature and sophisticated, and if that describes your Dad then we have the wines for you. A favourite of mine is Amarone Della Valpolicella and it’s now available online. It is a vanilla and fruit delight with bitter notes for balance and ideal for a manly meal of red meat. It is very easy to search online by the grape or region so explore for yourself and find a wine you know is going to be a future favourite for Dad.

Father’s Day Whiksey

Whiskey is proper Dad cool. There are few things more manly than enjoying a glass of whiskey with a drop of water or a single ice cube. Although our massive range is yet to be online, you can come to the shop or contact us directly for a little help choosing the perfect fiery tipple this Father’s Day.

Havana Cigar Gift Sets

Moving away from drinks for just a moment, we are Silver Class accredited experts in Havana Cigars. Within our cigar collection, we have premium quality singles as well as wooden gift boxes of smaller cigars and mixtures. We make regular re-orders, so if there is a Fathers Day favourite of your dads that we do not have in-store or online then please contact us – we will surely be able to locate it for you.

Now I must make sure my kids see this! Oh, and Father’s Day is on Sunday 21st June, you’ll need to place your order by Monday 15th to be sure of delivery.

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