Gin is definitely the new thing – and there is no slowing down. With new distilleries popping up nationwide, and botanicals being experimented with every day, you can’t escape it, whether in your favourite trendy bar, at the pub, or on TV. As modern bars have built a craze around cocktails and the art of the serve, Gin has come to the forefront with a homage to its days of being secretly produced in bathtubs and served in the speakeasies of Prohibition-era America.

Most commonly served with tonic and lemon (or lime if you prefer), it now can be presented with a varied of infused mixers, and the garnish has grown from lemon and lime to berries, blood orange, and even dragon fruit.

Gin is the staple of many a famous cocktail; such as Gin Fizz, Martini, Singapore Sling and Tom Collins, and within our product listings, we have tried to identify the perfect serve for each variety.

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