Drinks Trends 2018 – Let’s Be-Gin Again!

Drinks Trends 2018

Here at Taste, we are always looking for the next trends in drinks so that we can offer our customers the forefront of alcoholic beverages. In 2017 it was all about gin... and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon!

We love gin and we have excellent relationships with gin distilleries. As such are able to bring our customers something unique and exciting as well as offering the big name brands that we all recognise. So if gin is still on trend for 2018, that is fine by us!

The supermarkets have got in on the gin trend in a big way, but their ranges will never rival the exclusive and distinctive gins we stock from the micro-distilleries. They also typically steer clear of the stronger stuff, navy gin! If you’re a fan then try Pickerings Navy Strength Gin. It is bottled in Edinburgh and is the official Gin of The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. This navy strength gin comes in at 57.1% ABV and is now affectionately known as the bearskin gin as each bottle comes with a bearskin hat and a commemorative neck tag.

Gin Growth

Flavoured Gin

To make gin more exciting, the rise of fruit gins will continue in 2018. Fruit gins fall into a few categories; liquors, sloe and infused gins. Both liquors and sloe gins are lower in alcohol content and tend to be sweeter. This appeals to the less purist gin drinkers but sips well in cocktails. Infused premium gins are made by combining the flavours within the distillery process, leading to a pure and balanced flavour.

If peach is your flavour, try the very impressive Buss No. 509 gin. Originated in Antwerp, Buss No. 509 have blended the finest herbs and fresh Persian peaches with a premium spirit, to create a gin that is delightfully full of flavour. We also stock raspberry and pink grapefruit varieties by Buss No. 509. To add a bit of colour and flavour, try Pinkster Gin. It is distilled to the company’s own recipe before being hand steeped in the raspberries that lend it both its pink hue and subtle fruitiness.

Buss No. 509 Range

Moving on from Fruit Gins, in 2018 there are more and more different flavours available that are not so obvious. Masons Yorkshire Gin and Lavender creates the perfect fragrant and sweet gin that is perfect for a refreshing gin and tonic or a summery cocktail. Masons Yorkshire Gin also offer a Tea-infused tipple! It doesn’t get more Yorkshire than that.. maybe if the bottle had a flat cap!

Mix It Up!

In addition to the continued rise of gin there is now going to be a plethora of mixers that go with these gins to heighten your gin experience. Fevertree is set to have another big year, but we also stock Lamb & Watt Tonic, another premium brand with some unusual flavours. Not only do they offer a standard and slim tonic, they do subtle flavours to enhance your G&T. Lamb & Watt Basil tonic goes perfectly with Urban Root Strawberry Gin and Hibiscus tonic goes beautifully with Sharish Blue Gin. For both of these gins, we are currently sending two bottles of tonic free with every order – a perfect chance to try something different!

Gin Everything

With navy strength gins, fruit-flavoured & lavender-infused gins, and mixers perfectly partnered, gin is now a minefield that customers need guidance with. Obviously, here at Taste, we try to match the perfect gin to each customer and help ensure they get the best experience, but now gin tourism and gin events are a real thing too. Distilleries are opening their doors to visitors to see the process and sample freshly produced gin. And bars are putting on special events for people to taste various different gins, or to ease them into the category.

So keep on enjoying gin, and as always, if you need any advice, please contact us!

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