Dessert Wines Now Available

Dessert wines now on sale

We are excited to reveal six new dessert wines from the Muscat, Sauternes and Riesling varieties are available to buy online. Ranging from New Zealand, France and California, these sweet wines are perfect if you're already thinking of Christmas!

Dessert wines, as the name would suggest, are perfect for enjoying after a meal with your pudding. The theory is that the wine should be sweeter than the pudding itself, which is why they are usually paired with fruit dessert – or a very sweet wine!

We are stocking three major grape varieties, the Sauternes, Muscat and Riesling from well know wine houses around the world. These grapes are well k ow for their sugar content, but to maximise the sweetness they are often left on the vine until the late harvest. In other cases, a type of rot called Botrytis cinerea is allowed to set in which will reduce the water content and increase the sugar.

Served in smaller bottles, these wines are designed to be opened and enjoyed straight away with dessert. They are the perfect size to share between two people allowing for a standard glass size each.

So head on over to our dessert wine page now and try something new.

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