Christmas Day Wine. Sorted.

christmas day wine

You've sorted the turkey, wrapped the pigs into their blankets, chopped the veg and mashed the potatoes. All the sauces are ready and the pudding has been soaking for months. But what wine should you be serving this Christmas? We know!

The Perfect Red Wine For Christmas

Il Pumo Primitivo San Marzano

Our perfect pick for the red wine lover this Christmas is Il Pumo Primitivo by San Marzano. This award-winning red from Apulia, Italy is a very easy drinker and sits well at any table. There are intense notes of prunes and cherry combined with rosemary and vanilla making a full-flavoured wine that is soft and balanced, and eminently drinkable.

As Il Pumo is our pick for the Christmas dinner table, we have knocked £2.20 off per bottle up until Christmas.

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Our White Wine For Christmas Dinner

Saint Clair Sauvignon Blanc

Right now Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc is the go-to white wine and it is easy to see why. Crisp and dry, the Marlborough region is producing the best whites available, and this one by Saint Clair is no exception. Showing intense flavours of passion fruit and herbaceous notes over a creamy texture, this is a great wine for white wine and non-white wine drinkers alike.

We can’t just discount the red, so we have knocked £3 off per bottle up until Christmas.

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What’s For Pudding?

We also have a range of sweeter (and often stronger) wines that are ideally suited for sipping slowly after a meal. Our dessert wine is typically drunk at Christmas and enjoyed with large family meals and rich desserts such as Christmas pudding. We stock dessert wines from France, California and New Zealand, covering the dessert wine grapes of Sauternes, Muscat, and Riesling.

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