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World Gin Day

This Saturday is the 10th annual World Gin Day. We’ve got our Gin Shop fully stocked for this most worthy of days and to help you celebrate the global phenomenon that is gin.

A global event like World Gin Day deserves a closer look at some of our international gins to tempt you. And to tempt you further, we’re knocking a gin-tastic 5% off all gins for a whole week! Just enter the code GINDAY at the checkout. Let’s raise an icy tumbler and get the celebration underway!

Across the Channel to France, the Citadelle Reserve Gin is an award winner and for good reason. The gin “sleeps” for several months in small, Cognac seasoned French oak barrels before being bottled, a maturation method usually seen in Sherry production. Very impressive stuff and an exquisite result, with a high proof of 44.7%abv, what’s not to love?

Now we’re technically staying in France for this gin but our taste buds will be transported to India with the Gabriel Boudier Saffron Gin. It looks and tastes different, but different in this case is very good. Saffron is one of the World’s most expensive spices and the luxury of it shines through in taste and colour with this gin. An old recipe was revived to bring this gin back from the archives and well worth the effort it was too.

Aviation Gin is Dutch in style but American in roots. That’s two ticks for our global tour for World Gin Day. Even better though is the quality and freshness it brings with a focus on botanicals such as coriander, orange peel, sarsaparilla and lavender; far beyond the usual juniper-heavy hit.

Now for a long haul leap all the way to Japan! Jinzu Gin brings together a traditional English gin with Sake for a Japanese twist. Beautifully bottled, you’ll find cherry blossoms inside and out with Jinzu gin. It takes you on a voyage of discovery as juniper notes give way to something far more exotic and unknown. Perfect for upgrading your standard G&T. We have more Japanese Gins in our Gin Shop, so take a look if this has piqued your interest.

If you find yourself in London this World Gin Day, check out the Drink Up London collaboration. Buy yourself a digital pass for just £10 and get great offers on gin cocktails at 75 of London’s best bars.

So, who has got the tonic for this lot? We have of course! Online and instore you can select your perfect tonics to match up with our gins for World Gin Day. Don’t spoil a stunning gin with a cheap tonic! Get your G&T right with our help.

Save 5% for World Gin Day

To get 5% off all of our gins, just enter GINDAY at the checkout. Hurry though, the offer ends on Friday 15th June.

It’s Also Negroni Week!

What is a Negroni? Only the best Italian cocktail around. Timeless, tasty and boozy – perfect! Simple too, just equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and Campari, over ice with an orange peel. Thought to have been invented by Count Camillo Negroni when he wanted to strengthen his standard cocktail so switched out soda for gin! That’ll do it!

Now that’s cleared up, on to Negroni Week. Imbibe Magazine and Campari started Negroni Week back in 2013 and it’s not just about drinking. Participating venues that serve Negronis this week will also donate to charity. And with $1.5million already raised, there’s a lot of love for Negronis out there! Check, out their website and social media for more information.

At Taste we’ve already highlighted Negroni as THE summer cocktail for 2018 so check out our Gin Shop to grab yourself a premium gin to mix your own at home.

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