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Gifts For Christmas

10th November, 2019 by

With Christmas growing ever closer and the constant bombardment of deals for Black Friday, Green Monday, and Purple Thursday (that one is made up) it can be difficult to decide what gifts for Christmas you should be getting. Well, we are here to help.

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Bank Holiday Fun – Summer Cocktails

22nd August, 2018 by

It’s the August Bank Holiday this weekend, with those of you in the South expecting to see temperatures roar! So you guys will be able to light up the barby, while us Northerners will be stuck indoors. But in either case, here are some summer cocktails for the occasion!

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Rum-tastic! The Next Big Thing for 2018

29th January, 2018 by

On a cold winters night, there is nothing more warming to the soul than a good rum. The Caribbean goodness of this classic spirit can dispel even the most stubborn winter blues! So with rum (dark rum particularly) expected to see a rise in popularity in 2018 we take a quick look at this varied spirit.

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Christmas Gifts For Him

13th December, 2017 by

Yesterday we took a look at some gift ideas for her, today we consider him. Men invariably get aftershave, socks and Toblerone for Christmas – so, why not treat him to a special bottle of booze instead?

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National Rum Day – August 16th

7th August, 2017 by

August the 16th is National Rum Day, a day dedicated to the spirit from the tropical Caribbean Islands. Whether enjoyed on the rocks, or in a passionfruit daiquiri, rum is a versatile and popular drink, so take a moment to be properly introduced.

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