Make it a Boozy Pancake Day

Boozy Pancakes

It's Pancake Day! To make your pancakes a little more exciting why not add booze? There is a long tradition of boozy pancakes to get excited by so here are our Taste recommended versions.

Crepe Suzette – Cointreau

After making your stack of pancakes, fold them and place them in an ovenproof dish to soak in orange syrup. Warm-up a little Cointreau in a pan, being careful not to light the alcohol just yet! Then pour over the pancakes and light for a little Flambé effect.

Banana Flambé – Brandy

Warmup sliced bananas with butter, brandy and sugar until it breaks down into a sauce consistency. Use the banana and brandy sauce to fill your pancakes. Pour on additional brandy and light for some flambé magic.

Boozy Syrup – Whiskey

Warm through some Whiskey with water and granulated sugar. Only stir occasionally and then pour onto your stack of pancakes. Bourbon is best placed for this… probably don’t want to crack out the 12-year-old malt! For an even simpler version of this, take some maple syrup and stir in some Whiskey.

Tropical Pancake – Rum

How about getting really adventurous and making a tropical rum filling for your stack of pancakes? Chop mango and pineapple and stir in your rum of choice, just enough to coat them. A dark rum would offer the spice and warmth to really pack that tropical punch – try Kraken.

Pick up your pancake booze of choice from the shop today or order online. Happy flipping!

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