The Best Gin in the World

The Best Gin in the World

Whether you’re new to the gin craze or a veteran drinker, with so much choice out there it helps to be pointed towards the best. But what is best? The driest? The fruitiest? The best seller? The most awards won? Here we will sift through our Gin Shop and give you a comprehensive guide to the best gin in the world.

A good starting point to find the best gin in the world is The World Gin Awards 2018. They announced their best gins in February, and they break down into a couple of interesting categories.

The Best Flavoured Gin in the World

Firstly the Flavoured Category is one of significance to us at Taste as we love a fruity gin. Whitley Neill Quince was awarded Gold in flavoured gin and we can totally see why. Quince balances apple-sharp, pear-sweet high notes in the smooth English gin so it is tasty and fresh without becoming overbearing. It can be used to make a Persian Wine Cooler cocktail, with red wine, soda water and orange juice – don’t knock it until you try it. Alternatively (some would say boringly), with a premium tonic and ice.

The Best London Gin in the World

Hayman’s London Dry was awarded Best London Dry Gin by the 2018 World Gin Awards. This comes as no surprise as it was created by Christopher Hayman, who has over 40 years experience in the gin industry. That experience shines through as the balance of botanicals is second to none. Enjoy with a premium elderflower tonic to set off those botanicals to best effect.

The Actual Best Gin in the World

The overall winner of Best Gin, according to the World Gin Awards 2018 was Herno Old Tom. The Old Tom style of gin is sweeter and less dry than other gins, so it is impressive that one has won Best Gin in the World accolade. Herno Old Tom is a new arrival in our Gin Shop but already flying off the shelves. After distillation a touch of honey and sugar is added, giving it the classic sweetness you look for in a traditional Old Tom Gin. This Swedish gin is full of flavours from coriander and grasses to lemony honey and fresh vanilla, a true dance across the taste buds. Can be served neat with ice or with a premium tonic of your choice – also great in a Tom Collins.

What Do We Think is the Best Gin in the World?

We have our very own Taste Best Gins too, a collection of our favourites and best sellers with both our public and trade customers.

For our Best Flavoured Gin, we choose Slingsby Rhubarb. Rhubarb and gin are a great combination as the tart yet sweet rhubarb really lifts the botanicals. Even people who don’t like rhubarb love this gin, which says a lot for how well balanced and beautiful it is. Slingsby Rhubarb started as a one-off small batch but its immediate popularity has made it a mainstay of this Harrogate based distillery. Great in cocktails or with a premium tonic and ice.

Now for our Best Specialist Gin, we’re going for something a bit magic. Sharish is a Portuguese gin known as “blue magic” because once you add tonic to the gin it turns from blue to pink! More than just a gimmick though, as it’s complex recipe involves each ingredient being distilled separately and then submitted to a final blend. This means the flavours sing through individually but sit in perfect harmony at the same time. That really is magic!

Gin Divine Online at Taste

We’ve been avid supporters of Gin Divine for a while now, not least because it’s distilled just up the road in Holmfirth but also because it’s very good. The fresh taste brings a clean and delicate flavour with a blended mix of botanicals ranging from pepper to the spice of cinnamon ensures a flavour like no other. Beautifully bottled and seriously tasty, it absolutely lives up to its name; divine! We vote Gin Divine our Best Gin.

Give a few of our Best Gins a try and let us know what you think. Don’t forget to order your premium tonics online as well. No point ruining an excellent gin with a mediocre tonic!

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